Tweet the Teacher: Using Twitter as a Classroom Tool

Twitter can be a great tool for classroom use.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms with about 190 million users.  Many of these users are teachers and students in elementary, junior and senior high schools around the globe.  Although they utilize Twitter for personal use it seems that teachers are not employing Twitter to meet educational outcomes in course delivery or as a means of contact with stakeholders.

As a means of simple communication, Twitter lets teachers post assignments, links, photos and all sorts of messages to their tweeps.  Students and parents can easily follow the teacher either by signing up for Twitter or searching  Some teachers are encouraging student participation in class discussion by posting tweets / comments.  Parents like it because it gives them a sense of what their child is required to do by way of class assignments and general discussions.  The opportunities to use Twitter are only limited by the imagination of the teacher.

In doing some research on the use of Twitter in the schools, I have discovered some great resources that may be helpful for beginning teachers and those more seasoned teachers who see value in using Twitter.  This resource list is a combination of articles, videos and presentations that highlight ways to integrate Twitter into the classroom.  We like all of these:

How One Teacher Uses Twitter in the Classroom – Article by Marshall Kirkpatrick. You can contact Marshall at

31 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom – probably the best resource on simple ways to use it in the classroom.  Prepared by Doug Belshaw @dajbelshaw

100 Inspiring Ways to use Social Media in the Classroom – this work, also well done, has examples for Facebook as well.  This is an resource.

How to Use Twitter in the Classroom – Multiple editors – well worth the read.

5 Real Examples of Using Twitter for Education

This You Tube video – How Twitter is used at UT Dallas.

High schoolers at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis use Twitter on this You Tube video.

Teacher Tips: Using Twitter in the Classroom – Prepared by teacher Chris Haskell.

If you have additional recommendations we’d love to hear from you.

14. March 2011 von Tom McGrath
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